Call for Applications from Ph.D. students and/or young researchers to participate in the 15th HOPE meeting in Kyoto Japan (26 February to 1 March 2024)

(Published 6 August 2023)

We are pleased to inform that the 15th HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates is being organized by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) from 26 February to 1 March, 2024 in Kyoto, Japan. The outline of the meeting can be accessed <here> .

Nepal JSPS Alumni Association (NJAA) is going to nominate up to two excellent PhD students and/or young researchers (who received their PhDs within the past 5 years as of 1 April 2023). Those interested and eligible to participate in the 15th HOPE Meeting are invited to apply by August 28, 2023 with the following:


1, Fully completed Application Form: Download the Application Form from <here>. The instructions to fill the Application Form can be downloaded from <here>.

2. Your CV with academic achievements and publications along with the application


Please send your application and CV to with cc to

You may also write to these addresses in case you have difficulty in downloading any of the documents.


Eligibility and Criteria

1. A PhD student or young researcher (received PhDs within the past 5 years*; after 2 April 2018) with a record of excellent academic performance

*Past 5 years excluding periods of maternity/paternity, and childcare leave.

2. Not been selected to participate in a past HOPE Meeting

3. An excellent record of research and a high level of interest in the societal influence of scientific knowledge and its application

4. A strong interest in a wide scope of science and research

5. Expected to go on to advance future research in the Meeting’s subject field(s)

6. By participating in the meeting, be expected to initiate joint research and/or build collegial networks in the future

7. A strong desire to participate actively in the Meeting’s exchanges and discussions –

8. Ample English proficiency to do so

9. Able to participate in the entire Meeting program from 26 February to 1 March


Other news

14th HOPE meeting: We are pleased to inform that upon recommendation from NJAA, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) has selected Dr. Sarmila Tandukar (currently working at the Policy Research Institute) and Mr. Rakesh Kayastha (currently a Ph.D. student at  Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Kathmandu Univeristy) to participate in the 14th HOPE meeting in Japan to be held from 27 February to 3 March 2023.

The seventh symposium of NJAA on Emerging Developments in Space Technology and Applications has been held successfully on 29th November 2029, The details of the symposium shall be made available soon.

Call for Applications: BRIDGE Fellowship Progrmmae 2023

We are pleased to inform you that JSPS will be providing one awardee to NJAA, under the JSPS BRIDGE Fellowship Program for 2023.

Under this Fellowship, the selected candidate will be allowed to conduct a research in Japan with a host researcher to be proposed by the applicant, for which an agreement has to be sought from the host researcher. The Fellowship allows for a visit to Japan for the research work for a period of 14 to 30 consecutive days.

Please complete Form A (application) and Form B (Agreement by the Host Researcher in Japan) when you submit your application. This can be sent by email to: 

 Please refer to the guidelines by the JSPS while preparing and submitting your application, which also includes details regarding the eligibility of the applicant, eligibility of the host researcher, terms of the fellowship and entitlements.


Following are the criteria for the selection of candidate for this purpose:

 1) The applicant should demonstrate concrete evidence of his/her active involvement in our association. Applications who have not participated in any activities of the association will not be preferred for the selection.

2) Applicants who have come back and spent at least three years in our country after completing the JSPS fellowship will be given preference.

3) The applicant must be an active researcher engaged in research work working at a university or a research institute.

4) The applicant should amply prove through his/her application that he/she will significantly contribute to creating, sustaining and/or strengthening scientific network between our country and Japan.

5) The applicant should show proof of pre-visit communication between the applicant and the proposed host researcher and provide a concrete activity plan established between them.

6) The letter of acceptance by the host researcher to host the applicant must be submitted with the application.

7) The applicant should preferably provide a No Objection Certificate for the visit from his/her current employer/organization.

8) The research proposal should not be related to military affairs.

9) No preference shall be given to the applicant’s age, specialty or destination institution.

10)  Utmost care shall be taken not to leak the applicant’s personal information.

11)  If required, the nominating committee will have authority to prepare, approve and implement the necessary framework and guidelines.


Interested candidates should submit your application by 31st January 2023. Please note that you need to submit the completed and signed Forms A and B. 

Those interested may write to to obtain Form A, Form B and the guidelines for the application.